Boob Spillage!



“Boob Spillage” from anywhere, whether it be from the top, side or underneath is so common, women seem to just accept it as the “norm” but it should not happen…ever!

Things to check for if your boobs won’t stay in their assigned seats…

● You very possibly need a bigger cup, this is especially true if you’re spilling out the top or side of your bra. So try going up a cup size or two. Make sure the underwire ‘frames’ the breast without resting upon it at any point and the edge of the cup sits flat to the breast.

● Spilling out underneath is another issue and it’s more likely to be that your bra is too big on the band. When you put your bra on lift your arms above your head, it should stay put with nothing escaping! If you find it moves and shows off some underboob, try going down a back size but REMEMBER if you go DOWN a band size you must go UP a cup!

● If you are very full in the top of your bust you might find you spill out no matter what size you’re in, finding a bra with a stretchy upper cup will be a game changer for you! I particularly like  Panache Envy and Elomi Morgan for this.

Remember; your bra should be comfortable and once it’s on, it should support & lift you with no fidgeting required. 


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