Band Riding



It’s really bloody annoying when you feel that back band creeping up higher and higher and youre constantly reaching round to yank it down, then your shoulders ache coz the straps cut in and you get red marks where the band keeps rubbing. No wonder people can’t wait for “bra off o’clock” but how can you stop this & what is the cause?

● It’s too big! Your band should run straight round your body and sit nice a snug without cutting in. If it’s moving about then it’s not firm enough and you need a smaller size but REMEMBER

Down a band…UP A CUP!

● Your band provides around 80% of the support needed for your boobs so if it’s just hanging out all lazy not really doing anything, you’ll start to notice aches and pains.  You’d ditch a non-supportive friend so ditch that non supportive bra too!

• If you switch and still feel it’s too tight (“Its suffocating me” is something I hear a lot!) then try a cup size bigger first, you might find it’s fighting for space and this will release it a bit.

There is absolutely no need to add 4inches or 5 inches onto your measurement. If you measure at 30inches then that is what size you need, if you measure at 31 inches try a 30 and 32. 


1 thought on “Band Riding”

  1. This is one of my biggest annoyances! I also have rolls where the band should lie straight across, and it still rises up! if i go down to a 34 band it feels comfortably snug but looks like it’s cutting into my rolls.


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