Why do we get it so wrong…?

One of the main reasons so many women wear the wrong size is due to the old +4 method. That method was used when fabrics didn’t have stretch in so you added on inches for comfort.  These days all bras are created with stretch and elastic and it’s not necessary to add inches at all.  You just need the band size that is the closest to your measurements. So say you measure 34 inches round your ribs then select a 34 band, if you measure 31 inches you should go for 30 or 32, whichever is more comfortable, personally I prefer to go for the lower number as the bra does stretch out.

The next reason is the strange, media fuelled myth that 36DD is ‘THE’ ultimate in big boobs, which again comes from old method of adding inches on and media/stores over the years deciding the alphabet stopped at D. Those celebs famed for big boobs in the 90s were probably more like a 32FF or a 30G not a 36DD!

Due to the old fashioned measurements, high streets and supermarkets cater for the size we think we are so because customers don’t see a wide range over a 36DD on offer anything above this seems very unusual and therefore, must be huge! The more that people start to know and wear their real size the more demand there will be to produce the ‘correct’ sizes!

Also you should note that any decent Bra Shop will “Fit” you not measure you because measuring doesn’t really work for your body, fitting does. Fitting means finding the right size and shape for you and it might take a few tries to get right, this doesn’t mean your fitter doesn’t know what she’s doing it means she cares enough to get it perfect for you.

You might see the #nomoreplus4 hashtag on my posts as a rebellion against this, feel free to use it too. The more we spread the message the easier bra buying will become.

As a starting point; This is a rough guide to what back size you should be looking at for yourself (I do understand not everybody fits into this and different body shapes exist but it’s a good basic guide)



Are you rethinking that 36 band now? Need more help? Drop me a message or comment.

~ X~

4 thoughts on “Why do we get it so wrong…?”

  1. Hi i have 138 cm on my boobis and 112 undar my boobis and wear a 24 dress size i buy like 44 gg or 46 f but not all the time i fell good in the size i have very heave boobs and need a good bra hellppp Thnx you😚


    1. Hi

      Just based on those measurements, it sounds like you definitely need a larger cup size. I dont like to advise without seeing people so if you dont some further, more detailed advice please join our facebook group or drop me an email.

      Thanks for reading


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