Curvy Kate Vegas

As Soon as I saw this bra I knew I needed it. The pattern is so up my street it could move in with me so I desperately wanted the fit to match.  I read a few reviews and decided to opt for a 34J (I sit somewhere between a 34HH/J) 

When it arrived my first thoughts were total joy, the pink is vibrant and the flamingos just make me smile so much, I tried it on straight away!

The band has a lot of give to it, I could have probably got away with a 32 but I wouldn’t risk it.  The centre bridge fits so snug between my boobs and I am very ‘full centred, so this is brilliant!

The upper cup is stretchy which worked well on my fuller upper boob but equally I think it would adapt if you were not quite as full.

Vegas was very comfortable to wear and I think it lifted my boobs quite nicely however I don’t feel like I was as supported as I could be. I have a fair bit of bounce and I don’t think I’ll use this as every day bra.

Ultimately it’s beautiful and the fit is lovely but the support just slightly let’s it down… still keeping it though because that print just wins me over!

Click to buy:

Curvy Kate Vegas, sheer mesh top, non padded, UW, £30.  I wear a 34J in the images.

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