Shape of you 

Your boobs are great but they’re not necessarily the same as your mate’s because boobs don’t only come in different sizes but also different shapes and not every bra will suit every shape.  People will often tell me they want a bra to give them really “oomphy cleavage” but not all boobs can actually achieve that look and it’s definitely why we need better representation off ALL body types in the media, so that people aren’t striving for 1 unobtainable look.

Here are the most common breast shapes and which bras work best for each one, do you know which one you are?

Once you recognise your shape you can use this guide to choose the right bra for you and remember  ALL of these boobs are normal!

  • Breasts that are full on top (FOT) can struggle with double boob spill, wearing a multi part cup with a stretchy top part can really help.  I favour a style like Elomi Maya for this.
  • Fuller base boobs/lost upper fullness usually occur after pregnancy or breast feeding and also aging can cause this too, in short it’s probably the most common shape! Balcony bras can really help here especially a padded style as it pushes all of that bottom breast tissue upwards.  Look for bras with vertical seams and avoid molded styles. I particularly like Pour Moi Signature for this boosting shape.
  • If you have quite heavy breasts and spent some time in the wrong size bra (🙋) you may find you have the pendulum shape.  Multi part cups and side support will really help lift your bust and support you.  My favourite is Freya Hero which comes in loads of colours too.
  • Close set boobs naturally sit with a “cleavage” you probably find it easier to wear a plunge bra with a narrow bridge and avoid balcony styles. Something similar to Curvy Kate Cabaret is what you should aim for.
  • If you struggle to achieve cleavage and sometimes feel you don’t fill the cup but fill the wires you have wide set and/or shallow boobs. Bras with side support and shallower cups will be your friend here.  Side support will give a more forward projection and a shallower cup will make you feel more “full”.  Try out Jacqueline by Fantasie.
  • Are your boobs smaller and feel a bit “pointy” if so you’re a conical shape and you may find you don’t fill all your bra.  You will really benefit from contour or push up styles. I couldn’t recommend this Chantelle Merci Memory Foam enough!
  • Round Boobs?  you are the luckiest, you can literally wear all the bras, the bra shop is your oyster. I won’t leave you out though and you should definitely give Freya Deco a go.
  • Narrow or long boobs aren’t as common and it can be tricky to fit your shape into a wire. You may feel more comfortable in a soft cup bra like Cherish or try out their padded wire version to create the rounded shape.
  • Wide top boobs are similar to wide set or FOT boobs but tend to be more ‘full’ than a wide set breast and more equally rounded than FOT.  A really good full coverage bra with stretch is what you’re after. Elomi Morgan is a great choice.

Hopefully I’ve covered your shape here and you can be a bit more confident in what to look for when buying your next bra.  If you want to know what the different styles look like, these are some of the most common ones you’ll find (there are more than this!) But it might help you select the right one;

What shape are you? Can you find yours on here? Let me know.


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