Deco by Freya

Today I’m shining a spotlight on a classic wardrobe staple the Freya Deco.  There is actually a whole array of different items in the Deco range but here I’m focusing on the moulded plunge bra.

Why do I like it?

  • The shape! Deco gives a gorgeous flawless rounded shape.
  • Totally seam free but still super supportive.
  • Due to the shape and support its a fab every day bra but thanks to the small plunge bridge it’s also great night out bra which gives incredible cleavage.
  • Back size starting at 28 🎉🎉
  • A  HUGE  collection of colours and styles within the range (spotlight, vibe, darling…)

If you can wear a moulded cup then you should definitely have a Deco in your collection. 

Sizes range from 28-38 in the band and D-GG cups.

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