Let’s get it on 🎵🎶

I am asked a lot about bedroom lingerie, Where to buy it? What size to buy? Where stocks plus size lingerie..? Basically, even if we are approaching middle age with 3 or 4 kids and a slight addiction to Netflix it seems most of us still enjoy dressing up for our partners… Lucky them I say, you’re all babes!

I have rounded up some of my favourite pieces in a range of sizes to give you a bit of inspiration for once that boxset finishes;

Curvy Kate do a fabulously sexy collection called Scantilly. The range covers sizes DD-HH & 30-38 so a good wide range to choose from. They feature designs such as harness bras and peekaboo styles and there’s no need to compromise on fit with them.

Contradiction is Pour Moi! Not so much stepping into the bedroom but rather flinging themselves at top speed onto the bed. They aren’t subtle with this range, it’s full on in your face sexy with strapping, ties & corsets all featuring. Size range is 32B up to 44G not the most supportive range but I imagine that’s the last thing you’re worrying about at this point!

Perhaps an obvious choice is Ann Summers but it’s a safe bet for most people and offers sizes from 30A to 44H so you feel fairly confident you’ll find something on offer there. The choices range from cute and flirty to barely there and in your face. There’s a reason they are the obvious choice for most!

A less obvious option is New Look with a far smaller size range (around 32B-36DD in standard range, 40C-44E in plus) it is typical of the high street missing out our “true” sizes,  however they do have some gorgeous little bedroom pieces and whilst the fit might not be amazing the prices are.  If they catered for my size I’d be tempted to try 1 or 2 things.

So pour yourself a wine and maybe order a little something, if you do treat yourself let me know what you bought because I love a good perv 😉

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