Jiggle, Fiddle, Wiggle

This may sound utterly ridiculous but now you’ve figured out your size and your shape but are you putting your bra on right?

This is my guide to putting on your bra.. I would like to add at this point it’s very hard to take videos and pictures of yourself and my 8 year old was a fabulous assistant but her arms started to ache 😂


Put your arms through, tip forwards so your boobs “fall” into the cups, Jiggle them in, stand up straight and fasten at the back.


Put your hand inside the cup and scoop all the breast tissue upwards and inwards, have a good fiddle in there until it’s all scooped up from the bottom, sides (scoop right round under your arms if needed!) and free of any wire. Make sure you separate your boobs in the centre too.


Place one hand under the opposite cup along the wire and the other hand on the apex (where strap meets cup) and push and lift up to ensure the wire is exactly where it needs to be.

After this check your straps are correct and not digging in or slipping off and you’re done.  Your bra shouldn’t need adjusting once it’s on, it should just silently do it’s job and give you no bother till you take it off.

There you go.  JIGGLE, FIDDLE, WIGGLE. You can now wear that bra with pride!


Wearing Envy by Panache in 36H

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