Inside the fitting room

Something I get a lot of is women telling me that the thing most putting them off an in-store fitting is how self-concious they are.  It was part of the reason I set up the blog and the Facebook Group so women had a  “safe” friendly space to get advice however even though my virtual fits can be helpful they are no substitute for a hands on fit so I thought I’d talk you through what happens in that fitting room.

First thing to remember is that your fitter is generally a woman, just like you, with her own insecurities. I am a fitter, I have 3 children, I am plus-size, I have more stretchmark stripes than a zebra in her pyjamas and my boobs are far from super perky so I absolutely understand how it can feel like a vulnerable situation but just always remember your fitter isn’t judging you at all.  We care only about your boobs.

Now onto the fitting.

What should you wear?

You will need to remove your top so make it easy for yourself! If you are conscious, wearing a vest that you can slip down might help you to feel more comfortable but it absolutely isnt necessary.

Will I remove my bra?

No you won’t.  Wear your best fitting bra and leave it on. Fitters will use this to gauge what size you should be in 

How do you measure?

I, & most other good fitters don’t measure. We fit. So we look at how your current bra fits you and work from that. It is very very rare that a tape measure will be used during your fitting. Once your fitter has looked at you in your bra she will bring a couple of bras back that she thinks will work, sometimes it might take a few goes to get it spot on in both size & style, somedays you get it right first go.

For me, fittings are very personal. I work at Pandora’s Box and the thing I love most about my job is feeling like you’re with friends. Sometimes you become more of a therapist to your customers. If you think of the reasons a woman may need fitting, pregnancy, menopause, weight loss, weight gain, post surgery… It can be an emotional experience and it’s so important to me that people don’t feel intimidated during it.

Keep all of this in mind, take a deep breath and pop into your nearest lingerie store, there is nothing to be afraid of  ~X~

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