Changing Boobs

I’ve mentioned before that, on average, your bra size can change up to 8 times a year. Puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, weight fluctuations, aging… all of these can all alter our size it’s no wonder this is why we are getting it wrong?!

I’m broadly speaking in this post, there are obviously individual factors and not every body behaves the same but I’m taking a general approach to this as I believe that is more helpful. Felt I should point that out first.

So you usually wear a 34C (which we’ve now established was probably incorrect anyway haha) and you get pregnant so your boobs increase, you buy a 36C to accommodate this, then you start breastfeeding so you buy a 38C during this time because your boobs are bigger now, right? after feeding your boobs loose their fullness so you pull your 34C back out and stick with it until you decide to loose a bit of weight then you grab yourself a 34B and forever scoop your escaping breast back into your bra.. sound familiar?

What should we do instead?

Well in most cases the first thing we need to alter is our band size as your weight fluctuates this will be the thing you need to put right to start with and once this correct you can look at the cup. When you lose weight it is very likely that your actual shape won’t change very much at all so usually your breast width will remain the same, just the fullness will reduce because your boobs are made up of glandular, connective and fatty tissues. This means you should start by reducing the band but not the cup (e.g go from a 34F to a 32FF)  This is point where people usually cry out “but I have no boobs! I can’t be a FF??”  But the truth is you do have boobs they just might not be rock hard full round teenage boobs anymore, and that’s fine because 99% of the women around you are exactly the same, it’s just that you need to now look at a different style of bra.

Similarly when you gain some weight or volume whether thats through hormones, milk production, a love of cake and wine (🙋)…  just upping that band each time isn’t the right path because you end up putting yourself in something far too loose on the band just to accommodate your growing boobs which means you lose all your vital support, ‘normal’ weight gain is where you’re likely to maybe increase a band size or two at the most but definitely increase in cup volume.

Essentially in all fluctuations you need to look at both the band and cup, one doesn’t work without the other. My checklist of what to look for should help;

  •  Always start with the number. Getting the band correct will give a great foundation to build on.
  • Check your wire. Wire should be free from breast tissue and should “frame” the bust. This will guide you to your correct cup.
  • Look at your shape and choose the correct bra based on this.


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