Which hook do you fasten your bra on? It’s not a trick question but you might be getting it wrong…

A lot of people are advised to use the middle hook (#2) & even more use the last hook (#3) but I want you to stop!

When you put a new bra on it should fasten on hook 1, it should feel snug but not tight and you should be able to slide 2 fingers under and pull slightly, it shouldn’t pull enough that you could invite somebody to join you in there!

As you wash and wear your bra it will loosen, as it does this, you move onto hook 2 then eventually on to hook 3. This means you are keeping the band firm and supportive as you go.

If you are easily fastening on hook 3 on a new bra you need to drop down a band size  (or two) remember 80% of your bras support is in the band, make it work!


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