Panache by Tango

Today I’m going to tell you about one of my absolute favourite every day bras, Tango by Panache.

Why is it so good?

  • It is Panache’s top selling bra. It’s over ten years old and I’ve been wearing this style for nearly as long!
  • The fit is incredible, so supportive and a great lifted rounded shape.
  • Extra wide soft straps make it really comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Stronger band in larger sizes to up the support even more.
  • The fixed side panels have been changed now to improve comfort, I actually preferred them if I’m honest but the feedback showed most didn’t so they’ve taken them away.
  • It’s a good affordable price…always a winner!
  • Sizes D-K cups, and 28-44 Band.

This is honestly one of my favourite bras. It sits deep between my boobs which is a must for fuller busts and despite the leaf pattern it’s actually quite a smooth finish under my clothes.

Buy it here (priced around £25 in most retailers)


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