Busting the Myth!

I’ve previously touched on “celeb sizing” contributing to our misconception of sizes e.g media claiming Kim Kardashian is a 36DD (SMH) and pretty much the general consensus that DD is the absolute ultimate in big boobs. I see “memes” like the one below floating around frequently;

Nobody in the world has E cup boobs resembling that! Plus as we’ve said before, the letter means buggar all without a number in front anyway.
Yes it’s meant in jest, no they aren’t serious posts but images and social commentary like this in media etc  just add to the notion that “DDs” are some comedy sized funbags only seen in cartoon form.

I have a group of women in my Facebook Group, our current number of members is over 2,000. I have done a “virtual” fit consultation with a lot of them and I’d guess at least 75-80% have been F cup plus. Yes that’s F CUP.. on loads of very normal sized women… just like you! Madness, apparently.

So why is it a problem? Well if we constantly tell women that the bra alphabet ends at D they then can’t quite fathom how their very ordinary unassuming breasts can be a 30F so they pull on a 38C or a 36A then struggle all day with, at best, escaping boobs and, at worst, pain!

You are very likely to be a lot smaller in the band than you think and whenever we drop a band size we need to increase the cup size which is why so many women seem to jump up the alphabet. Read more about this >>> Here

Join me in my quest to get the message out there that the alphabet of boobs has many more letters and help other women out.

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