Jacqueline by Fantasie

My Star Bra today is one that  I recommend over and over and it is the Jacqueline by Fantasie, it’s so popular that Fantasie also do a lace version for an extra touch of luxury

So what’s the reason for the nomination?

  • Full cup bra with Side support and, if you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know how much I love this feature. It gives full underarm and side coverage to tackle any side boob and give a forward projection.
  • That fab ‘U’ back shape back which helps prevent straps slipping down.

  • Padded fastening which makes it really comfortable to wear.
  • Supportive but still beautiful, especially in the lace version.
  • Perfect on shallower wide set busts without looking ‘matronly’ at all.
  • D-H cups and a 30-40 band range.

I just think this bra is a total classic with comfort and class.

Buy it here priced around £32 for an exclusive 10% discount at Lazeme use the fairyboobmother code 😗


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