Bras Explained!

Selecting your bra goes beyond just knowing your size, you need the right shape and style too, I’ve put together this guide to the most common types, what they are called and what they actually mean;


  • Cut & Sew Cups – This is a general term for cups with seams, meaning it’s sections of fabric sewn together. They are also known as 3-part cups and 4-part cups. The more seams, the more supportive a cup becomes. A definite must have for a bigger heavier bust!


  • Balconette/balcony –  is typically a shallower cup that leaves the top part of your breasts uncovered. This is the bra that will create a rounded cleavage &  usually comes with wide-set bra straps. Great if you’ve lost some upper fullness and want to recreate that look as it lifts your boob from the bottom upwards.


  • Full Cups – These cups are designed to cover all or most of thr breast. They provide excellent support and will really contain the bust.


  • Bralette –  Usually non-wired, light support bra top. You can buy wired versions if you like the look but want more support.


  • Moulded Cups – Any bra cup that has built-in boob shape form. Moulded cups are usually seamless and unlined, made from a light foam fabric. They give a rounded smooth shape but can sometimes lack support for a heavier bust.


  • Padded Cups – A bra cup with padding included. Can create a more full looking bust and also the padding keeps your boobs warm and stops any nipple poking through!


  • Push-up – The bottom of the cup has padding built in or sometimes provided asca removable cushion (or cookie) to push your breasts up & give them a fuller look.


  • Soft Cups – This is another name for cups without underwires. Other names for this type of cup are wire-free cups and wireless cups. Usually favoured by women who find wired bras uncomfortable, however I do always urge you to get fitted if this is the case!


  • Support Sling/Side Support- contain a piece of support fabric sewn inside the cup or included in the design of the cups,  it’s a bit like a hammock sewn in along the bottom and sides to help give support and cradle the breast. A side support panel is a vertical panel placed along the outer side of the bra cup. It helps to project the breast tissue forwards from under the arm, giving a less wide appearance and helping to stop “side boob” spill .


Every shape & style will do different things but not every shape will be for you, to find out which will work best check out my Shape of you post.


Which style do you favour? Do you already know yoir boob shape?


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