Checklist ✅

Shopping for lingerie can be enjoyable…honestly it can! I know most people find it annoying, daunting and even painful but once you know what you should be buying it can be a really great experience. Follow my tips on making it better;

  • Get fitted!  Whether it’s with me via Our advice group or in-store with a fitter this is absolutely where you need to start.
  • Know your shape. This is almost as important as knowing your size as not every bra fits every body and once you know this you can pick the right bras for you.
  • Sort your basics out first. Once you have a couple of every day pieces you can then shop for more fun/sexy/cute things.
  • Do not be intimated, ask the staff for help.. they won’t be embarrassed and neither should you. We are there to make you feel good!
  • Right you’ve bought your bra. Hurrah!🎉 now you need to make sure you put it on correctly to get the best out of it.
  • Once you feel more comfortable shopping for bras, Try out new brands, see how they work for you and don’t be put off if they don’t. Not every bra or brand will work.

Don’t let it be a chore. A good set of underwear can really improve an outfit and make you feel more confident about yourself.

Happy shopping… and don’t forget you can get 10% off your new purchases* at LAZEME when you use the code fairyboobmother  😘

*Excludes sale section.

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