Rio by Freya

A classic best-selling Freya bra but one, that I think, gets overlooked sometimes so I decided to show it some love today;

I’m showing Rio by Freya the love because…

  • Classic balcony shape with Multi part cups plus vertical and angled seams to give fab lift and support.
  • The mesh fabric lools cute but is also light and breathable so I love it in the warmer weather! (*Laughs at this ridiculously optimistic comment)
  • The centre bridge has a slight arch for comfort which means it’s a good choice for a shorter torso.
  • Rio is made in B-H cup sizes and starts at a 28 back.
  • I find Rio super comfortable (I used to have smaller boobs so could wear it…) and the shape is just so good. Three standard colours for your Foundation collection plus Freya often release a fashion colour in it too… The jade green was my favourite!

All in all its a great little bra to invest in. As always you can click to buy to save you time, usually priced around  £28.


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