Summer is coming! ☀

I can really feel summer in the air today, I’ve painted my nails all shades of pink to celebrate the sun coming out and I’ve turned my attention to swimwear.  In my experience most people dread this even more than lingerie shopping, so I’m going try and discuss fit and style to make it a bit more bearable but let me start by saying…

Obviously you need to feel comfortable but please don’t think your body isn’t “good enough” for swimwear because it is. It really honestly is!

So first up let’s talk about fit, unless you’re blessed with self supporting boobs (you lucky sods!) then I really do advocate buying bra sized swimwear and, given my whole ethos, I will be championing these products on here. There are a great deal of other dress sized items out there which are fabulous and gorgeous but I won’t be covering them in here at the moment.

Is fit important? In my opinion, yes it is, I think you can be slightly more relaxed over it, so maybe opt for a cup size or a band size out here and there due to the fabric and the fact you’re not wearing it as much but ultimately I still go with “the less you’re wearing, the more it matters” approach so I’d always start with the same size your bra is.

Which style should you go for? If you’ve figured out which bra shape suits you best then aim for the same style because you already know that it works however there are so many options available you can definitely experiment with something different.

I actually like a halterneck top which is unusual given I have a fairly weighty bust but I prefer the shape it gives me, I do realise a lot of fuller buster girls find this creates too much pressure on the neck so maybe avoid this if you’re the same,

Maybe you prefer/feel more comfortable in a swimsuit? you can still go bra sized if so, the only issue you might come across here is if you’re different sizes on top and bottom as the ‘band’ size will determine the proportions for the whole suit so this is an occasion where you might need to ‘sister size’ to get the best fit all over

I think one of the most popular choices is the tankini, full coverage but without the size issue of a suit. Personally I choose not to wear tankinis, I have quite sizeable hips and the top riding up all the time annoys me so I prefer high waisted bottoms because, even though I’m happy enough splashing my stretchmarks and post baby belly over the internet Im still unsure about doing it in real life where I’m not in control of angles and lighting.. .I’m working on it though!

Whatever you choose just remember confidence is key! Getting your support and fit on point will always help because you can stop worrying about bits falling out or hanging low and just focus on enjoying the sun.  You are not “too fat”, “too old”or “too wobbly” Rock that body because you are gorgeous 😗

If you fancy any of the swimwear I’ve featured you can click the picture to buy.


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