The Strapless Struggle 

This is kind of how most of us feel isn’t it? The struggle for a good supportive strapless bra is real but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be..?!

Let’s think about it for a minute, we’ve discovered now that most of you have been wearing a band size a good 4,5 or 6 inches too big so if you’ve tried a strapless in this size where has the support come from? Nowhere! It’s literally been doing nothing except wiggle it’s way down to warm your tummy up

But now imagine how much better it’ll feel in your new snug super supportive band size.  A strapless bra needs to be snug, it needs to grip the body and stay put because it can’t rely on anything else to keep it up so don’t be tempted to get a bigger size!

They do have a bad rep but things are changing, brands are wising up and working hard and are creating better shapes, better styles and better fitting strapless bras that actually work. So which ones work best?

The Ultimate Strapless from Wonderbra

You’ve almost certainly heard of it, most have tried it and there’s not much more I can add that hasn’t been said about it. It’s brilliant, it is a fantastic shape, it stays put & it looks pretty good too, basically, it wins.  I wore it on my wedding day and couldn’t fault it at all but if you are out of the size range  (currently available in A-G cups with bands starting at 30) Then what do you do?

Well my next pick is for you

Curvy Kate Luxe

This is a fantastic strapless bra and the size range is incredible D-J.. yes J! And they’ve not just churned out a bigger size strapless with no thought, it really works. I have had it previously in a 34GG and it genuinely supported me, my boobs were lifted and stayed where they should be and I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it again this year but in a 34J.

They are pretty much my top two. In my opinion, they are the best and can’t really be rivalled but we all know not every bra suits every shape and some boobs might need something different so I wanted to give a nod to other options;

St.Tropez by Pour Moi

A really smooth soft mould from Pour Moi. I find this one is good for a shallower bust, if you struggle to “fill” the other strapless bras then this could be worth a try plus it’s only £20 too and comes in cups B-G With band sizes 30-38.

Before I discuss my next pick I want to point out that I’ve never tried it but I trust the brand and the size range is really good for fuller figures

Maria by Elomi

It comes from their bridal range and the reason I’ve chosen it is because it goes from DD-HH and 34 -48 bands. I’ve raved about Elomi before, they understand plus sizes and cater to them perfectly so I do trust this would work, especially if you’re struggling for a special occasion or a holiday, it’s good to know there is an option out there for you that will still offer good support and shape.

Have you tried any of these? Will you try them now you know what your true size Is? What did you think?


3 thoughts on “The Strapless Struggle ”

  1. I haven’t tried any of these, but really should.
    I’m yet to find a 32H which gives a good shape. I end up with a weird “saggy yet pointy” effect in Panache. I currently wear Triumph, but it’s a 34G & the fit is crap.
    One year I’ll get organised!


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