Why does it matter?

You may wonder why it matters so much that your bra fits or why I’m so passionate about helping women find their fit? You might think it doesn’t matter at all but it does and this is why;

  • It can be bad for your health, genuinely. If you find you have a lot of neck of shoulder pain, tension headaches, back ache… It could be your ill fitting bra causing it.  Wearing a band size that is too big means you lose the vital support it provides and instead, your shoulders start taking the weight of the bust.  If you have a heavier bust, that is a lot of pressure on the back and shoulders so changing your size can really make a difference.  It did to me!

Your band should grip the body but not dig in and sit nice and straight all round. Like this;

  • Aside from the health issue there is an aesthetic reason too. If you’re falling out of your cups or your boobs are hanging low you can feel like your clothes don’t fit or look right. A correct size will encase the breast for a smooth line and lift the bust due to the band support and seam positions.  Also wearing the right size can actually make you appear smaller because everything is where it should be.

    Boobs should be fully encased in your bra with no spillage and should feel almost like they are supporting themselves. You shouldn’t need to adjust it once it’s on properly  ( see the guide to putting your bra on)

    You really don’t need to be uncomfortable in your bra. If you are I believe you just haven’t found the right one yet, this is why I’m so passionate about it. I want all women to be comfortable and confident in what they wear, I’m not affiliated with one particular brand or company either so all my advice and recommendations are impartial. I’m not trying to sell you something, I’m just trying to help you feel better!

    Do you think yours is wrong? You can join the Fairy BoobMother group and get more advice if so.

    Have you seen a difference once you’ve been fitted? Share your experience with me if so.


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