Ritzy by Curvy Kate

Ritzy is a padded balcony bra from Curvy Kate.  After reading a few reviews and speaking to an online advisor I decided to buy a 36HH in Berry from Brastop.  The Berry colour is gorgeous, a really rich purple broken up by the sheer stripe, however the

Screenshot_20170410-131339padding means the bra is not see through so no nipple flashing worries.  I also purchased the matching short briefs which feature their signature splits, that are designed to flatter the thigh. I bought a size 20 which is always my preference as I can’t stand little knickers!

Now let’s discuss the fit; as I said above I opted for a 36HH, I possibly would have been ok in a 34 band but I suspect I would have found it a bit pinchy after a while however the centre bridge on the 36 doesn’t lay flat Which could be the larger band but I actually suspect it’s more the style on me.

You can see where the wires are just not quite nestled in. The shape is great, vertical seams mean I get super lift and the light foam padding adds to the rounded effect but even though I am fairly full busted, I’m not so firm (thanks kids) and I feel I could be better supported as there is a fair amount of wobble in my upper boobs when I’m moving about. Under a more fitted top I don’t think this would be an issue though.

Wobble aside it’s very comfortable to wear. The fabric feels very luxurious and nothing is poking or digging in. The band,  is supportive, not too tight but firm but, as mentioned, I did size up in this bra.

The briefs are lovely, definitely true to size with good bum coverage, which I like. Nice wide sides so don’t dig into my very generous hips but have a slightly sheer back so still look fun and sexy.

Overall I find this quite a “show girl” style. I’m not convinced I’d wear it every day just due to the support issue but I think if you have a slightly shallower or firmer bust than I do, you could definitely rock it daily.  It’s such a lush colour and I do feel very sexy in it. I even matched my lipstick which is a great achievement for me as most days I barely manage to match my socks.

Have you tried Ritzy? What did you think of it?

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