Summer Solutions

The occasion season is upon us, we’ll have proms, weddings, holidays all requiring gorgeous dresses that need the right underwear! Some solutions are easier than others, the key is be realistic when buying the outfit. If you cant go without a bra don’t buy a backless, plunging, mesh dress because although there is a lot of variety out there there’s not a miracle piece of underwear that will work sucessfully under that.


Backless dresses are the thing I get asked most about.  You can buy adhesive bras that just stick to the front of the breast but bare in mind what I’ve told you about a bra’s band providing 80% of the support, a backless strapless bra is not going to support you, it may give a bit of shape and lift to an already firm (usually youthful) bust or a smaller bust.  In my honest opinion these only ‘work’ up to around a 34D so definitely try them if you are quite perky already but don’t expect the same result as your standard bra.

Plunge dresses, again be realistic.  If your dress is slashed to the belly button you will see a bra, you cant get round that, so prepare to go without or try somethinScreenshot_20170415-084214g like Fashion Forms Adhesive Bra which is essentially a large plaster that will give a bit of lift but like the other adhesive type it’s not going to lift a heavy bust or perform like a traditional bra.  If your dress is a bit more ‘modest’ then you can try out a good plunge bra like Freya Deco (available up to a GG) if you are smaller busted then Irresistible by Chantelle is a gorgeous choice which gives killer cleavage and feels so luxurious you will never want to take it off.  Larger bust? try out some of Elomi’s fab plunge styles such as Matilda or Bijou which will support you but still give gorgeous shape and lift.

We covered The Strapless Struggle  already so if you’ve gone for one of the big summer trends in bardot style, head over to that post to see my round up of the best strapless bras that actually work.

So bras sorted, now what about knickers? I will always favour my absolute essential Maidenform Control shorts they go from bra to knee, keep everything 20170415_085433 (1)smooth and stop that really sexy chub rub I get on my sweaty thighs (I am so the epitome of glamour) but I get they aren’t for everybody, if you favour the ‘barely there’ invisible look I recommend Sloggi Light, the laser cut and microfibre make them undetectable under even the lightest of fabrics.  Another opti20170415_085540on to give slightly lighter support than full shapewear but enough to still keep you feeling held in is the Panache Envy range,  I adore this bra (available in D-K cups) because the fit and shape are amazing but they also do a high waist brief to match it which, although I’m yet to try, I’m told is brilliant at holding the belly in a bit whilst giving a smooth silhouette.

Hopefully I’ve given you a few solutions that will actually work under your gorgeous Summer wear and just remember about expectations vs reality, please don’t call into your local lingerie shop with a strapless, backless, plunging dress and ask what bra will keep your 34GG boobs perky and supported under it because, although we love you, we will be stood there silently cursing you as you stare at us for a solution!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a ‘go to’ piece for ocassions? Let me know in the comments.




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