Cate by Elomi

I’ve made no secret that I bloody love Elomi, out of every bra I’ve tried by them (and that’s a lot!) there’s only been, maybe 2, I’ve not got on with however there was one I avoided because,  honestly, it just wasn’t my style, until… I was pregnant! I was so desperate to be comfortable and supported that I stood in work one (quiet) day and tried on every possible bra in my 36HH size until I found her and by ‘her’ I mean Cate.  The moment I put it on I felt my boobs sigh with relief, so why is this bra so good?



  • The support in it is just amazing, with both transverse and vertical seams in this multi-part bra it really does lift and shape the breast brilliantly.


  • Side support panels bring the boobs forward and centre (great if you are wide set )


  • The centre bridge panel is arched which feels more comfortable, especially on bigger tummies.


  • Elomi took a bestseller in ‘Caitlyn’ and made it better, by keeping the basic framework but making little changes like creating a ‘u’ shape back to help prevent straps slipping.


  • Although Cate has an embroidery detail, it is a flat design which means AirBrush_20170417203444[47]its actually very smooth under clothes, I’ve spoken about my t-shirt bra issues and Cate is a great solution for me as it’s a very close substitute.  (see the pic of it under my clothes)


  • Cate is good on a full busted woman, it comes in DD-K and 34 – 46 bands.  I would avoid it if you are more shallow in shape as it’s a very full cup and your boobs may get a bit ‘lost’ but if you have fuller, heavy breasts then this one is for you.


I’m wearing Cate, 36HH in latte but there are lots more lovely colours available, remember I was pregnant so I sized up in the band (I will be writing a piece about maternity & nursing bras soon by the way so keep your eyes peeled!) you can buy Cate >>>HERE<<< and if you use the CODE: fairyboobmother you can get 10% off the price too.





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