5 common mistakes you are probably making

Did you know 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, this means you could be one of them.  If you aren’t convinced, here are the top 5 most common mistakes we make with our bras.  Do any sound familiar to you;



If you find your bra looks like this ^^  or you find it’s rubbing, twisting, moving about in general then it’s too big in the band. Your bra band should be snug to the body, you should only be able to slide 2 fingers under and slightly pull it away from the body.  To fix this you need to swap sizes, if you are wearing a 36D try swapping to a 34DD and see if this helps.  You might need to drop more than 1 band, especially if you’ve been fitted previously using the old “+4” method.




If you fear bending over in case your boobs come tumbling out, maybe you find yourself scooping or pulling at them all day or you fall victim to the dreaded quadraboob look, then that bra you’re wearing doesn’t fit.  You want to take the cup size up a size or two.  Start by taking it up one cup, so if you wear a 34DD try out a 34E and see if that helps.  You may also want to switch bra styles, if you are in a plunge style but your boobs are soft and not so full anymore then try out a balcony style bra or if you have quite a full bust then bras with a stretch lace top will work better than moulded styles.  Take a look at Shape of you to help with this.



This one may seem obvious, if your bra is loose in the cup or you have gaps around the top or sides, you need a smaller cup right? well you might do but you need to check the wires first and make sure dropping the cup size wont mean the underwire is sat on breast tissue, if you’re all good then take it down a size – if you’re wearing a 34C drop to a 34B. If the wire is sat on the breast tissue but you still have gaping or wrinkling then you need to take the back size down, so if you are wearing  a 36DD then swap to a 34E which should pull the bra in closer to the body.



Most people tend to put their bra on and just give it a quick glance face on to check it fits and forget all about the sneaky side boob that is escaping out all over the place.  When you put your bra on you need to make sure every bit of breast tissue is fully encased in the cup.  My guide; Jiggle, Fiddle, Wiggle shows you how to make sure you’re doing it right.  If you’ve done this and your boobs are still trying to break free then try going up a cup size but also look out for bras that have side support panels in to bring all that breast tissue to the front and centre.



This one is very common. if you look at your bra face on, your underwire should ‘frame’ the breast, it should be free from any breast tissue but without leaving a gap if you have any empty space between your breast and the wire or you can see your bra folding then you need to make some adjustments.  Firstly make sure you have put your bra on properly (see the above guide) the last step is most important here getting that lift will reduce the space.  If this doesn’t work then look at the style, I’m wearing a moulded cup here, I can’t wear this style because my boobs don’t fit in to the base, I’m wide based and full, so it’s like trying to put an orange into a glass, I get gapping and folding, if you’re the same switch style to something with multi-parts which will allow your boobs to form their own shape.

So did you recognise any of these problems in your own bra? You might not even noticed them until now, let me know in the comments if you have!

*Even though the pictures don’t big up the bras I’m wearing I’ll provide info anyway as they are actually really nice bras that I’ve gone too big for or I’ve forced to not fit me for pictures;

Blush & Black is an old season Panache Eclipse in 36HH

Black with lace top is Panache Clara in 36GG (it’s old!)

Black Bra is Panache Tango in 36H

Nude bra is Freya Idol in 34HH


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