Maya by Elomi

maya insta

I finally bought the briefs to match this bra so I thought now was a good chance to review it.  It’s no secret that I love Elomi but my love actually started with an older version of this bra, Danielle, as soon as I put it on I was sold.  I had previously tried other plunge sets from this brand in Carmen and Anushka but found they just weren’t for me, they seemed to flatten and spread my boobs which I didn’t like so I have to admit, my expectation wasn’t high but I was more than pleasantly surprised by it so imagine my joy when Elomi decided to roll out a version for the coming seasons!

Maya single

I was so taken with the print on Maya, it’s absolutely perfect for summer, totally makes me think of long summer days in meadows filled with wild flowers, it’s pretty, girly and a big step away from the ‘sexy’ choices I often opt for.   The colourway is ‘Sweet Pea’ and features lots of delicate colourful flowers on a white background with pink stretch lace on the edge.  Maya is 3 part plunge cup and has a side support frame so offers amazing lift and projection.  I’ve spoken before about stretch top cups which are brilliant on me as I am quite full busted in the top and centre and this allows great ease of fit and comfort.  The briefs feature the same pattern and are a full style with stretch lace, I like a big brief so find they really work for me.  wide sides so no digging in on my fleshy hips, good bum coverage and even though I am long bodied they still come to just under my belly button which I like as I’ve had 3 c-sections and I hate when briefs sit on my scar or just under my ‘pouch’.

maya chair

I really find this style gives me a nice natural cleavage and I definitely prefer a non-padded bra as my boobs fit better and feel far more supported in them.  I would recommend trying Maya out (or the coming season versions) if you have a full bust and struggle with other plunge styles, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are wide based and shallow busted as I find the cups quite deep however if you suffer with ‘period boobs’ this is perfect as the stretch lace allows for the increase in size during this time!  My boobs are so supported in this bra, they definitely wont fall out, there’s no quadraboob effect or extra bounce just really good lift and support but still a delicate and pretty looking set.  I am already excited for the new versions to land, they look GORGEOUS! All in all, I can confirm my Elomi love affair continues…

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Elomi Maya in Sweetpea (don’t forget your ‘fairyboobmother’ discount code)

I’m wearing a 34J bra and 3XL (size 20) briefs

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