Swimwear Summer-y

I’m heading off on my holidays in a few weeks to the very tropical Tenby, I realised I didn’t have any swimwear and, with 3 small people to entertain, I’m pretty sure a lot of time will be spent in the swimming pool so I needed to find some.  I find swimwear really difficult, I much prefer a bra sized option and to be honest, the choice can be pretty limited in my size, I thought I’d review the pieces I’ve tried in case you also need help  There’s also a nice run through of more fits and styles over on my Summer is coming! post


First up is Freya Folklore from Lazeme in 34HH (unfortunately it’s now sold out from this site but it is still available elsewhere)

***use code ‘fairyboobmother’ for a 10% discount across the site***


I didn’t purchase the bottoms for this as 1, I like to mix & match sets and 2, I also like to make sure a top fits before I’ll buy the bottoms. I particularly liked the fact this top has a really colourful print but is trimmed with a bold black edge meaning my choice of bottoms would be far easier.  The inside fabric is a light foam padding in white, not enough to add volume (which is perfect for me) but enough to stop any nipple exposure if this is a concern.  It’s a balcony shape, so this coupled with the light foam, gives a bit of lift and rounded shape.  Available in cups D-HH with back sizes 30-38, I opted for 34HH and prayed the fact its swimwear and Freya, which tend to cup slightly big on me, would mean I’d be ok in it. If this was a bra I would probably not keep it as I do have a tiny bit of overspill but I’m very much supported in it and I feel really secure and I’m not worried about falling out of the cups so that will do me for swimwear fit.

I’m very pleased with this top overall, the sweetheart neckline is a nice shape, the print is just gorgeous and the fit is good.  I’m not so keen on the metal rings to attach the straps at the back as I find they can be uncomfortable and I would have liked an option in the brief that gave more coverage, I know Freya are a “young” brand but I don’t think young has to always mean skimpy.


Next up is Pour Moi Getaway from Bikini Hut in size 18

***use code “FAIRY” for FREE delivery***


This suit scared me because it’s bra sized (aaarghhh!!) I am honestly terrified of dress sized swim items, my boobs need structure and support,  they don’t generally fit the mould of a standard size 16/18 so I always want to size up which means it wont fit everywhere else but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone so after a quick (& very helpful chat) with Bikini hut about support & sizing, I decided to give ‘Getaway’ a whirl.

The colour is amazing, it’s a proper bright cherry red (my pic quality doesn’t do it justice) fantastic thick fabric with stretch and if it wasn’t for my boobs a 16 would have been absolutely fine. Halter strap which can be problematic if you are heavier in the bust but the straps are wide and don’t dig in, gorgeous little touches with the frills around the neckline and legs and, you cant see the back here (because I’m rubbish at taking pictures of myself) but it has a keyhole between the fastener strap and the back which breaks it up nicely.

Now as you can see my boobs do struggle to stay covered but I am a 34J and my boobs are always going to be an issue but honestly, even though they are very much “on show” I did actually feel supported and fairly secure which is pretty impressive to be fair, if you are anything below a 34H you could totally wear this with ease! I would definitely wear it if my holiday was somewhere a bit more exotic than Haven with the kids! Overall I’m very impressed with this Pour Moi suit, the quality is fab and the I’m definitely going to head back to Bikini Hut to check out some more pieces.


Lastly is a bit of bargain in a Freya “In the Mix” padded plunge in 34J from the Belle Lingerie store on Ebay

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