Why no Calculators?

DISCLAIMER: I apologise for any errors in this post, I’m attempting to write it whilst watching my TV highlight of the year… Eurovision! so I might be distracted by men dressed as monkeys, brides with guitars standing in boats and yodellers.

Many people have asked me why I don’t use a tape measure or a calculator for bra sizing so I thought I would explain why I’m not really a fan of them and why I choose not to use them.   I will start by saying I think some of the more sophisticated & well known calculators are very clever and can be a useful tool for a ‘beginner’ to give you a good step in the right direction however there is no magic formula or secret code, it really all comes down to the fact you have to know what fits each woman and why, even the most advanced algorithm can’t replicate that knowledge.

Essentially your bra calculator will take some measurements then average them out and base the result on a ratio of back to boob, they are the “good” ones, the bad ones will start adding numbers on all over the place, please avoid these! The “good” ones are useful, in that, if you are wearing a 38D and the result is a 34G, you know you probably need to make an adjustment somewhere but that’s all you get. One size with no added information.  What I (& other fabulous fitters) do is a bit more complex and personal.

The size is only one part of bra fitting, a fitter will look at your shape, are you shallow breasted, wide-set, full on top..? (check out Shape of you if you want to know which you are!) do you have narrow or sloping shoulders? is your torso short? all of these things really matter when finding your perfect bra.  I am a self-confessed bra geek and I tend to know which brands fit different shapes without thinking too much so I always recommend particular styles and brands to clients too, no calculator is doing that for you.

So what do you if you’ve not been fitted yet? Well, if for whatever reason, you’re reluctant to seek help there is a general guide below that might help you start to rethink your sizing;


Now I know some of you will look at this and think “NO WAY! AM I 32?!!”  but the chances are you will be. If you’re wearing a 36DD you can’t just switch to a 32DD because then your band is stealing space from the boobs, you need to change the cup too.  Your 36DD becomes a 32F, that’s the basic formula a calculator will use but, here’s the kicker, you won’t be that size in every bra and not every style will suit or fit you, that’s where I step in waving my magic wand around like Bibbidi Bobbodi Boob and help you figure out the best ones for your body.

If you would like a bit of Fairy BoobMother magic in your life (why wouldn’t you?!) head over to the Facebook Page and/or join the group, which is awash with absolute babes who are full of advice & support .  There is full list of what I’ll need to give you your very own consultation on there.

Still unsure? If you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll try to help you some more!











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