What should a bra look like?

One of the biggest hurdles with bra fitting is people not really knowing what their bra should look like when it’s on.  Most of us tend to put it on, look straight in the mirror, quick check for the ‘four boob effect’ and that’s it, good to go…right?  Well there’s a bit more to it than this. you need to check your bra from a 360° view and make sure every angle and every section is working properly.  I’ve put a little guide together on what to check for;


Front View


A quick glance and you would think both bras were absolutely fine here, there’s no overspill and no gaping, centre panel is flat to the chest on both but this is why we need look at every angle. You probably cant see much difference between the two, aside from shape, but keep reading and I’ll show you why the pink doesn’t fit…


Side View


Different bra this time to highlight another issue; this is probably the biggest ‘mistake’ I see.  Bra looks ok from the front but turn to the side and “Woooah!!”

If you look at the two images you can see there is much more coverage with the nude bra. With all the breast tissue being nicely tucked in and covered, you might also notice the breast is lifted and shaped far more in the nude bra.  The deeper band helps by providing a lot more support for the boobs.  This is why it’s important to check out your side view too.

Band View


Back to our pink bra and look…! see how that band is riding way up at the back which means the boobs are now pointing more south than usual and the shoulders are taking the weight so even though it looked ok at a first glance we can now see it’s definitely not.  The nude bra has a good firm band, running straight round the body,  parallel to the ground.


What is the size difference?

So what changes did I make to the size to get a better result?

Pink bra ( Curvy Kate Daisy ) = 38H

Black bra ( Curvy Kate Bardot ) = 34HH

Nude bra ( Panache Envy ) = 36HH

There’s not a huge difference in size between them all but sometimes little changes, shape & brand switching, can really make a difference to your fit.  Next time you are bra shopping remember to do a 360° check to see if you are fitting from every angle.




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