Your Questions…

I’m often asked the same questions over and over, I don’t mind at all, it’s why I started this up but I thought having one post to answer the most commonly asked questions might be useful.  I wont put specific fit questions in here as there’s already loads of this through the blog but I’ll try to address the more general questions I get most often;


  • How do I find out my bra size?
  • Ok this is the most common question I get and unfortunately I don’t have a quick or simple answer for you.  As most of you will have realised by now you can vary in size between each brand or style which means it’s even more difficult to just give you a magic number so ultimately I do urge you to be fitted to get a proper answer to this (virtually, by me or in a decent store) even I try to get fitted quite often as sometimes you tend to overlook certain things on yourself.  I do have loads of info on the blog though to give you a head start!


  • Where can I buy bras from?
  • This is really down to preference,however I tend to shop online at specialist lingerie stores and my favourite ones are; Brastop , Lazeme , Tutti Rouge , Belle Lingerie but I do recommend Debenhams, Bravissimo and most independent boutiques too.   I know price can be a big factor in buying bras but I genuinely believe this is one area where you do “get what you pay for” Supermarket bras do have their place, I used to be a big Tesco bra buyer myself but they don’t last and don’t have the same quality of structure or support as the specialist brands so it’s worth investing in imo! ***Check my other posts & the group for discount codes to some of my fave shops to help with costs***


  • How do I wash my bras?
  • The really boring but proper answer is the dreaded “hand wash” I know it’s annoying and we’re all really busy but it is the best way to keep your bras fitting well and lasting longer.  I tend to wash mine every 3-4 wears (unless it’s a heat wave and I’m drowning in boob sweat)  if you do want to use your washing machine to do them, invest in a wash bag to protect both your bras and the machine and fasten your bra first – rogue wires can damage your washing machine! use a low temp and let them drip dry and air.  Never tumble dry them!


  • How do I get a good cleavage?
  • This varies depending on your natural shape but the two styles that achieve this look best are plunge and balconette.  If you have smaller or less full boobs then a balconette or half cup style will recreate a rounder fuller look for you and keep you lifted.  Fuller boobs or more ‘perky’ breasts can wear a plunge style to bring boobs closer together or show off the natural closeness.  Of course there is ‘push up styles’ which promise to boost your boobs up to your eyebrows, the only caution I’d give before buying these push up plunge styles is to watch out if your boobs are ‘soft’ as they are likely to fall out of your bra when your bend,  Remember not all boobs will be able to do the ‘Hello boys’ look and that is ok!


  • How do I put my bra on?
  • The advised way is not to “hook at the front & spin” this is because it can damage the wires but I know some people struggle to fasten theirs at the back so for them, there’s not much choice.  Whichever way you choose you should still make sure you are tipping forwards to put all the breast tissue in the cup then having a good old swoop inside the cups to bring every bit of breast forwards and centred, see my guide Jiggle, Fiddle, Wiggle for more info.


  • Where can I buy my size?
  • I don’t wear smaller sizes (obviously!) but I do fit ladies who do and my top recommendations for you are Chantelle, Pour Moi and Figleaves own brand.  I really recommend the Figleaves site for shopping smaller sizes too.  For the bustier plus size girls (like me!) I wear lots of Elomi, Panache and Flirtelle which I buy from the online shops mentioned above and if you are more petite but with bigger boobs then I recommend brands like Freya, Tutti Rouge and Curvy Kate.


  • How often should I be fitted?
  • My opinion on this is have a proper fitting every 6-12 months and if possible get each bra you buy fit checked by a professional, easy to do in store but not as much if you’re shopping online.  I’m always happy to give your bra buys a quick once over though so never worry about bothering me!
  • What is a “Sister Size”?
  • This is the alternative size bra you can try, normally used by me if I spot a bargain that I need but my true size isn’t available.  I am a 34J but I can buy a 36HH – this is my sister size, I could also try a 32JJ or if I’m really pushing it, a 38H.  If you are a 34F you could try a 34E or a 32FF, it’s basically moving up down the bands but keeping the cup sizes as close as possible.


If you think I’ve missed anything then let me know in the comments (or on the group) and I will add it but hopefully this will clear up any questions you have about all things boobs!




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