“OMG her boobs are HUGE…!”

They must be about a D?!

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The whole super big boobs = DD, it’s in songs, TV Programmes, Magazines.. but do you actually know what a “D” cup looks like?

A lot of people would look at this picture and guess at 36DD because that is obviously where the alphabreast ends…


But I know she wears a 28GG, a size most people can’t even fathom but one that is actually really normal!

Now what if I told you all of these were actually D/DD cups?

Surprised? well most of the women I fit into a 30/32D started off wearing something more like a 34A or 36B and cannot fathom how I am now telling them to try out what is perceived to be such a large size. I frequently hear “A DD?! No way!!” only for them to try it and discover it fits like a glove.

I have spoken before about how media influences this train of thought but high street stores are a big part of it too. Tesco recently launched a DD+ swim range which stopped at F, take a look through New Look’s lingerie section and their briefs begin at size 6 yet their bras begin at a 32 (which would typically fit a size 12-14) there’s no consistency at all and they’re aren’t alone, it’s a common thing amongst these stores. It’s no wonder women find it hard to understand…& even harder to shop!

Remember there is a big world of bra sizes out there way beyond the magic D.

Will you think differently about a bra sizes now? Maybe you’ll rethink your 34B after reading this, let me know if you do and if you want personal bra advice head over to My Facebook Page and join the group or drop me a message.


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