Flirtelle Ada & Viola


I recently tried two Flirtelle bras from Brastop, Ada in white and Viola in Denim. I’ve spoken previously about them being a fairly new brand to me but this was my 3rd experience of them and I have to say I am growing more impressed with each one.

I tried Ada first, I don’t own any white bras and haven’t done for years so I was interested to see how I’d find it. Well my first impression was very favourable, Ada has a caramel nude base with a lacy mesh in white covering it, the fabric is very soft (53% polyester but feels almost cotton like) and the cups are foam lined and made of 3 parts to be a classic balconette style. I don’t love foam lined bras on me, I just don’t get on with them great and I prefer no lining/padding of any sort however I know a lot of women prefer this in their bra.

I requested a 34J bra and a size 20 brief. At first the bra felt very firm across the band but I thought it could be due to me gaining a few lbs through illness so I gave it the benefit of the doubt, cups felt ok but as what always happens to be with a padded or lined cup I just don’t sit in it right and end up with a touch of spillage. I would probably try a 36J in future however once on and settled the band felt fine so maybe a 34JJ would do the trick. Briefs were great, same fabric as the bra but without the nude underlay, I actually would have liked this to carry through but the lace mesh was double layered on the front so I didn’t feel like it was blowing a gale up there! Good wide hip and bum coverage which I love and rally comfortable on.

Next I tried Viola, I absolutely fell in love with this colour “denim” the minute I saw it online and I did not disappoint in real life. A gorgeous powdery blue with delicate polka dots across the mesh lining, so pretty and not a colour I’ve seen done bonus points there! Also Foam lined/padded balconette style just like Ada.

I requested the same sizes (34 J & 20) and although it should have felt exactly the same this band actually felt a lot more comfortable straight away and I felt I was in the cups a bit more than I was with Ada. I had a slight overspill on my larger side when I moved but as I said above I’ve gained a few lbs and I was a bit hormonal so I doubt I think usual sizing would be fine for anybody else.

A handy touch with Viola is the strap placement, the back is more ‘U’ shaped which is really helpful for narrow shoulders, as they come in closer and lessen strap slipping trouble.


I honestly think Flirtelle are becoming a very strong brand in that they are extremely affordable (both bras are currently £22 – link to buy below) with an amazing size range, typically D-K and still pretty decent quality. I would like to try a non-padded one next to see how the fit holds up, as I do generally find they fit my shape a lot better and I’ll probably try it in a 36 just to compare, I might treat myself to ‘Spiro’ or ‘Alice’ soon!

Click to buy :- Ada in white also available in black

Viola in Denim also available in black

Have you tried any Flirtelle? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.


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