Advice & Fit Guides

Select & click the links below to view various guides on getting #sizewise. Whether it’s cup issues, band issues or totally getting it wrong, I’ll try to cover all bases and help you to #findyourfit.


□ Bras Explained

□ Know Your Bra Parts

□ Why do we get it so wrong?

□ Boob Spills!

□ Band Riding Woes

□ Ouch! My Shoulders

□ Shape of You

□ Let’s get it on 🎵🎶

□ Putting your bra on!

□ What Happens in a Fitting?

□ Your changing boobs

□ Bra Fastening

□ Building your foundations

□ Shopping Checklist

□ What’s in a size?

□ Why does it matter?

□ Sister Sizing

□ 5 common mistakes

□ Why I don’t use a calculator

□ What a bra should look like